Cali:  This is one smooth pipe. It offers better then average low-end, then it creeps into a mild power band around 5,000 RPM's and then at 7,000RPM's BAM, you are off. This pipe really loves all 65-70cc cylinders (Puch Polini is the true mate to this pipe).Clears the pedal on all Puch frames that use a long Pedal shaft.
Rev-Run: Ah yes, the famed Rev-Run. This pipe is designed for one thing, and that is a balls to the wall power band that hits and quits but always leaves a smile and white knuckles on the rider. Works great on all cylinders 50-70cc but its true power is fully revealed when mated with the Puch Polini cylinder.  Clears the pedal on all Puch frames that use a long Pedal shaft.
BK100: This pipe is designed for city blasting. It's a low-end torque monster for sure that has a great RPM range as well, check out the Dyno results. Want more proof? Take a look at this video. 11.2HP, 12,900RPMs, 7.7 ft-lbs of torque, and 68.1MPH

Putt-Putt: This gem is sold exclusively through in this exclusive MLM Puch Gila combo, and is a knock your socks off, very well rounded pipe.  11.7HP, 13,300RPMs, 6.3 ft-lbs of torque, and 69.9MPH

St-Ripper: Want huge horse power, great top end, and ear piercing RPM's? If so, this is the pipe for you. Check out those Dyno results, 12,9HP, 14,500RPM's, and 76.2MPH! This pipe does not offer low-end power, it's strictly for the love of top speed. Advanced pipe for advanced tuners and wannabes.
Motion Left Mopeds --  (574)-849-1684
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St-RipperSt-Ripper 2nd RunBK100
Pipes are hand crafted using 18 gauge steel and are TIG welded.  The exhaust flange is 1/4 inch thick and the rear exhaust bracket is 3/16 thick with a 1 1/4 inch mounting slot for zero hassle mounting. These pipes are built to last with a removable silencer end-cap for easy repacking, and are coated using a durable 1,500 degree high temp powder coat.

Motion Left Mopeds can make you a custom pipe for almost any application (50cc-250cc). As always, Motion Left Mopeds pipes come with a 1 year full manufacturers warranty.

All pipes are blessed by Devin Biek in a 4-6 hour ritual involving hammers and steel forms that are followed by rigorous testing to ensure the highest possible quality and performance. Our un-parrelled technical support backed by over 10 years of moped tuning will keep you blasting for years to come.
So, how do I get one you ask? You have 3 options!
1. Call Devin and have him craft you a pipe made specifically for you! Wow, sidebleed, stainless steel, sounds tempting right?

2. Visit and get hooked up with a pipe instantly with the fastest shipping in the Galaxy!

3. Stroll on over to and find exclusive MLM pipes available no where else!