Submit your high resolution glamour shots of your own builds sporting a Motion Left Moped's pipe and be featured in our Customer Gallery. Be sure to include the Model  of Pipe, Moped, and any interesting details about your build.

The "LA Confidential" a Briton Bee custom Ped w/ a Polini w/ 15 bing and RevRun pipe.Motordrone is a custom MotionBee pipe for the S6S Franco Morini.The "Gunshow" Briton Bees 1st Custom Moped Puch E50 w/ Polini w/ 15 bing and Cali pipe.The Las custom 50cc Briton Bee Bike called "the LAS"  custom MotionBee pipe for the S6S Franco Morini.Puch Maxi
MLM Rev-Run
Puch Magnum 
MLM Rev-Run
Photo Credit: started out as a 1980 Yamaha QT50 yamahopper. Sporting the Motion Left Mopeds Peoples Pipe for QT50.Rogue Builds "Blood Lust" with the D1 pipe.
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